About Isaac

Isaac the Girl

Isaac the Girl

I have loved curls as far back as I can remember.  That is, all kinds of natural curls: waves, kinks, textures.

It is the natural movement of hair that is beautiful to me.  And in my opinion it is the natural texture that makes hair flattering. If you have the right cut, of course!  With a cut that works with the natural shape of the hair, the style becomes  magically easy to work  with, and suited to the wearer.

But the best part of my job is helping people to find their natural hair, so to speak.   It it this interesting process  of change. Many of us  must relearn what it is to take proper, gentle care of our hair.   I find  the process inspires my clients to learn to take gentle care of their feelings about their hair, and see themselves as the naturally gorgeous, vibrant individuals that we all are.



Let the revolution begin!


One response

  1. The revolution of naturally beautiful hair has begun, thanks to Isaac!

    September 30, 2009 at 8:17 pm

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